Sunday, December 1, 2013

Onwards and upwards

This blog has been the place where I’ve told stories and shared thoughts about living far from everything I grew up with. As the years have gone by new experiences and some times hard learning curves have left me radically changed. I am now back in Oxford writing up my 1st year PhD transfer report, so it’s not quite the end for Kenya, but it’s not far away. By May next year I will be back in England for the foreseeable future.
            I’ve been using the past few weeks, not only to ensure I don’t get kicked out the Uni, but also trying to think about what life might look like when I get back. Yes the city has the same buildings and even some of the people I knew are still there, but overwhelmingly I think this really feels like a new chapter. Not that I would have minded going back to the lifestyle of an undergrad in Oxford, but things are still moving forward and the adventure continues.
            Seeing things with my new African eyes and experiences is a big part of this of course. A greater consciousness of how the world works and how the ideas we bounce around in this beautiful bubble of dreaming spires actually work and apply in the wider and sometimes uglier world. I also feel I have clear vision of what I am doing and why.
            Already I can see how much I’m going to miss the sunshine and the reef, which I have come to know so well, but there’s so many experiences I am looking forward to by being back in the UK. Oxford is a fantastic place to live. There’s always something to do. Last weekend the St. Giles Christmas fayre took place, “We the citizens of Oxford have decided we want to shut down one of the main roads in and out of the city, so we might fill it with music and food and rides!” There’s so many distractions and chances to explore ideas, which is the biggest thing I am looking forward to.
I’m sure they’ll be a few more stories yet from Kenya, before I’m finished, but here’s to what the future holds. I’m excited.


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