Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday Abroad

I am 24! When I started this blog I was 21 and thought that I was just doing a 3 month stint on a gap year after my undergrad and now I am here still writing on how it is being here in Kenya. This year for the first time I have stayed through May and June also, which is the stormiest time of year and so not ideal for fieldwork. This year was therefore my first birthday I had away from the UK I think. 
There are a really awesome crowd of volunteers here at the moment and in addition my friend Emma is here doing here research project in the area, so it has been quite a fun time to be around anyway, but made my birthday extra special with all these people around. We started the day doing a rockpooling event for World Ocean's Day which has fallen on June the 8th since my 3rd birthday, where already at the World Summit in Rio they could see I was a budding marine biologist. After quite an intense, but super fun morning, I crashed out for a while and then spent the afternoon with Roni, Colin and Kai and getting things ready for the party at my house later on. 
See below the awesomeness that Robin and Benji prepared for their favourite marine researcher :-). 

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